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Community Health Access and Rural Transformation (CHART) Model


Total Assistance, FY 2008 to Present
Popular Name: State Innovation Models (SIM) Community Health Access and Rural Transformation (CHART)
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Objectives: The Community Health Access and Rural Transformation (CHART) Model is a voluntary payment Model. CHART will test whether aligned financial incentives across payers and robust technical support enable rural providers to transform care on a broad scale and increase uptake of Alternative Payment Models (APMs) in ways that improve access to high quality care and reduce Medicare and Medicaid costs. CHART will equip recipients with funding and a framework to assess their Community’s health needs, create a care delivery and redesign strategy, and select an Alternative Payment Model (APM) to offer providers in their area. Communities’ participation in CHART will begin with a year pre-implementation period, during which they will develop a care delivery redesign strategy and recruit participants. Following the pre-implementation period, recipients will have 6 performance years (PYs). SIM The State Innovation Model (SIM) is based on the premise that state innovation with broad stakeholder input and engagement will align delivery system transformation across multiple payers and populations to provide better care at lower costs. SIM is focused on public and private sector collaboration to transform the state’s delivery system. SIM provides financial and technical support to states to test the ability of state governments to use their regulatory and policy levers to accelerate health transformation efforts. In Round 1, CMS partnered with 6 Model Test states to implement state-wide health transformation strategies and 19 Model Design states to develop and refine State Healthcare Innovation Plans (SHIPs) to guide future implementation efforts. In Round 2, CMS partnered with an additional 11 Model Test states to implement their SHIPs and 17 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia to develop and/or refine their SHIPs. All of the Design states from both rounds of SIM have completed their project period 2 of the 6 Round 1 Test states have completed their tests and the other 4 are in their final year. The 11 Round 2 Test states are currently in the active testing phase. There are no current opportunities for additional rounds of SIM.