HHS’ Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System (TAGGS) website currently displays detailed descriptions on grants. In the near future TAGGS will be updated to provide all financial assistance information, which includes grants, loans, aggregated direct payments, insurance and non-FAR contracts awarded by the HHS Operating Divisions (OPDIVs) and the Office of the Secretary Staff Divisions (STAFFDIVs).

TAGGS warehouses over 20 years of HHS grant-award program data, and it is designed to facilitate the public and private sector constituent's understanding of the work, availability, benefits, and trends in HHS-facilitated public investment.

The Office of Grants Systems Management (OGSM) provides key leadership and oversight on HHS and Government-wide electronic grant activities including:

  • Grants Management Line of Business,
  • Implementation other Government-wide strategic grants business streamlining activities in response to Congressional and Presidential mandates,
  • HHS grant systems that assist in the management and oversight of HHS and Government-wide grant policy for the pre-award, award, and post award process, and
  • HHS Intra- and Internet grant Web sites.


HHS remains committed to increasing the data quality and transparency of the federal funds spent on the public’s behalf. Through the TAGGS public website (http://taggs.hhs.gov), HHS management and staff, congressional offices, other federal agencies, grant recipients and applicants, and other interested parties access the site for a variety of informational purposes. Common searches include congressional district, assistance listing, recipient name, recipient location, awarding operating division (OPDIV), transaction amount, and fiscal year.

TAGGS data come from the 12 HHS grant-making OPDIVs, and the several staff divisions (STAFFDIVs). The STAFFDIVs organizations fall under the Office of the Secretary (OS). Developed, operated, and maintained by the Division of Grants, TAGGS is the Department’s central repository for all HHS award business data.

TAGGS tracks obligated discretionary, and formula/block and entitlement grant awards to primary awardees, so sub-award data is neither collected, nor reportable. Each OPDIV submits primary award data to TAGGS multiple times a week. Other data submitted to TAGGS includes grant recipient demographic (e.g., type of organization, address); payments managed in the Payment Management System for grants and other assistance; and descriptive program information included in the Assistance Listings website (https://sam.gov).

Finding Data

Data available in TAGGS originates from obligated discretionary, and formula/block and entitlement grant awards sent by the OPDIVs and STAFFDIV organizations weekly. The TAGGS website provides an easy to use application interface that provides several avenues for searching and reporting award data.