The TAGGS Site Search performs a keyword search across multiple data elements in the TAGGS database. The data included in the search is limited to Fiscal Year 2009 to present. To search for awards prior to the 2009 Fiscal Year, use the TAGGS Advanced Search.

You can access the results table with your keyboard by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+G. Once the table is selected, you can use the arrow keys to change the focused row or use the TAB key to step through the column headers and any links in the data. When a column header is selected, you can sort the data in a column by pressing the Enter key. You can change the sort direction by pressing Enter again. Press SHIFT+PAGE DOWN to advance to the next page and SHIFT+PAGE UP to move to the previous page.
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    If you type "Refugee Resettlement", TAGGS will find any awards that contain BOTH the words Refugee AND Resettlement.
    If you type "University of Arizona", TAGGS will find any awards that contain "University of Arizona".
    If you type "University Iowa Pennsylvania Ohio" TAGGS will find any awards that contains University OR Iowa OR Pennsylvania OR Ohio.
    Used in combination with another search, enter words that are not wanted in the results.

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