The Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System (TAGGS) is a database of grants awarded by the eleven Operating Divisions (OPDIVs) of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). TAGGS tracks obligated grant funds at the transaction level. TAGGS is a robust reporting tool developed by the HHS Office of Grants.
Grants by HHS Operating Division

Grants by HHS Operating Division

Review the total number of grants and the total number of grant dollars awarded by each HHS OPDIV or STAFFDIV in a fiscal year (1995-Present).

Grants By Recipient Class

Grants By Recipient Class

Review grant data by recipient class. HHS awards grants to recipient classes such as private businesses, all levels of government, non-profits, and international entities.

Grants By Major Activity Type

Grants By Major Activity Type

HHS awards grants classified by four major activity types: Research, Services, Training, and Other.

Grants By State

Grants By State

Review awards granted to States and Federal territories for one or more fiscal years since 2005, or as early as 1995 using the Advanced Search feature.

Grants in my State

My State

Review the number of HHS awards and dollar amounts by State (and Federal territories).

State Governments Grants

State Governments

Review grant awards made to state governments.

International Grants

International Grants

Review grant awards made to foreign and international entities.

Assistance Listing Awards

Assistance Listings

Review awards by Assistance Listing, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number, OPDIV, and by one or more fiscal years.

Discretionary Grants


Discretionary grants are awarded to a range of recipients, including social services entities, school boards, planning groups, and Indian tribes.

Entitlement Grants

Formula/Block & Entitlement

Federal grants to assist state and local governments with a variety of purposes, such as community development, social services, public health, or law enforcement.

Research Grants


Research organizations receiving grants include private laboratories, educational institutions, hospitals, and foundations.

Grants for Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

HHS awards grants to colleges, elementary and secondary schools, and training providers.

Grants for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organizations

Hospitals, health departments, nursing homes and doctors are among many healthcare recipients.

Grants for Large and Small Businesses

Large and Small Businesses

Profit, non-profit, research, and financial businesses receive grants from HHS.

Grants for Social Services

Social Services

Libraries, museums, rehab facilities, and law enforcement organizations receive grants from HHS.

Government Grant Yearly Obligations

Yearly Obligations

See grants for which the dollar value has been changed since the start of the current Fiscal Year.

Government Grant Monthly Obligations

Monthly Obligations

Review grants for which the dollar value has been changed since the start of the current month.

Award Submissions by Grantee

Award Submissions by Grantee

See awards submitted to TAGGS by HHS granting agencies by month.

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