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This report summarizes grant dollars allocated by Assistance Listing, Assistance Listing Number (ALN), OPDIV, and by one or more fiscal years. Assistance listings are detailed public descriptions of federal programs that provide grants, loans, scholarships, insurance, and other types of assistance awards.

The Internet and GSA’s free Assistance Listings website at is the official source of public descriptions of federal assistance listings.

Use the “Report Selections” section to change the report criteria. Selecting “ALL” for Fiscal Years will include all fiscal years from FY 2005 to the present. Select the Assistance Listing(s) of interest in the form below then select "Submit" at the bottom of the form to display the report.

To export the report grid, select one of the export option icons that appear at the top right of the grid.

Note: Changing the Fiscal Year will change the OPDIV selection list, therefore select the Fiscal Year first, then the OPDIV.

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