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Fiscal Year



Organized by Recipient Class, this tabular report displays the number of formula/block & entitlement and discretionary grants and dollar values.

HHS has recognized 15 recipient classes:

  • City Government
  • County Government
  • Federal Government
  • Foreign Non-Profit Organization
  • Foreign Profit Organization
  • International (U.S. and Foreign or two or more Foreign Organizations)
  • Interstate Government Affiliated Organizations
  • Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations
  • Non-Profit Public Non-Government Organizations
  • Other (Towns, Villages, American Indian Tribes)
  • Private Profit (large business) Organizations
  • Private Profit (small business) Organizations
  • Special Unit of Government
  • Sponsored Organizations
  • State Government

Note: Formula/block & entitlement and discretionary grants are included. Large programs, such as Medicaid, have a large funding levels though comparatively small number of awards. Formula/block & entitlement grants are classified as Block, Closed-Ended Entitlements, and Open-Ended Entitlements. Discretionary grants include Cooperative Agreements.

Use the “Report Selections” section to change the report criteria, then click the “Submit” button to regenerate the report below. Selecting “ALL” for Fiscal Years will include all fiscal years from FY 2005 to the present.

To export the report grid, select one of the export option icons that appear at the top right of the grid. To export a chart or map, hover over the export link and select from list that appears.

Note: Changing the Fiscal Year will change the OPDIV selection list, therefore select the Fiscal Year first, then the OPDIV.