Mandatory Grant Awards

FY 2008 Mandatory Dollars: $223,350,732,084
I have FY 2008 Mandatory Awards: 4,818
FY 2008 Mandatory Recipients: 1,197

HHS mandatory grant awards comprise 85% of the total FY 2008 HHS grant funds, but only 6% of the total number of grant awards. Mandatory grants are block/formula or entitlement. Entitlements can be further classified as open-ended or closed-ended.

HHS Mandatory Grants by Award Class
Award Type Number of Awards Dollars
Block 1,190 $29,976,125,376
Closed-Ended 2,709 2,909,547,488
Open-Ended 919 $190,465,059,220
Total 4,818 $223,350,732,084
Block: A block grant typically is a consolidation of related programs into one legislative package. The block grant recipient, usually a state, has substantial authority over the use of grant funds and the type of activities to support with minimal federal control and direction. The authorizing legislation determines the purpose of the block grant, eligibility, the scope of the program, and how the award amount will be determined. Block grants may be referred to as formula grants. Formula grants typically are prescribed by law or regulation and based on factors such as population, poverty level, or other relevant data.
Select HHS Block Grants
CFDA Program Name OPDIV Awards Dollars
93.558 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) ACF 115 $17,343,723,574
93.596 Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) ACF 343 $4,949,954,023
93.568 Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) ACF 208 $2,590,386,299
Closed-Ended: A closed-ended mandatory grant has a specific upper limit on the amount of funds the federal government may pay for program activities. The grants for state and community programs on aging, under Title III of the Older Americans Act, are closed-ended grants. Entitlement grants also may be categorized as closed-ended. The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is a closed-ended entitlement grant program.
Select HHS Close-Ended Grants
CFDA Program Name OPDIV Awards Dollars
*Includes close-ended grants only.
93.045 Special Programs for the Aging, Title III, Part C, Nutrition AoA 56 $1,123,864,123
93.556 Promoting Safe and Stable Families* ACF 334 $353,132,742
93.645 Child Welfare Services State Grants ACF 205 $281,744,408
93.767 State Children's Insurance Program (SCHIP) CMS 87 $5,322,770,475
Open-Ended: An open-ended mandatory grant has no upper limit on the amount of funds the federal government will pay for allowable services and activities, where the federal government pays a statutorily required share of costs without dollar limits. The principal open-ended entitlement grants of the Social Security Act are: 1) Medical Assistance (Medicaid); 2) Foster Care and Adoption Assistance; and 3) Child Support Enforcement and Establishment of Paternity.
Select HHS Open-Ended Grants
CFDA Program Name OPDIV Awards Dollars
*Includes open-ended grants only.
93.778 Medicaid; Title XIX CMS 208 $175,153,729,203
93.658 Foster Care: Title IV-E ACF 54 $4,337,192,692
93.563 Child Support Enforcement (CSE)* ACF 95 $3,352,268,820

Pie Chart comparing Mandatory Awards in Dollars by OPDIV in FY 2008.Pie Chart comparing the number of Mandatory Awards by OPDIV in FY 2008.