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Resource and Manpower Development in the Environmental Health Sciences


Total Assistance, FY 2008 to Present
Assistance Type: Project Grants.
Popular Name: Core Centers and Research Training Program
Assistance Listing Number

Objectives: To provide long-term stable support for broadly based multidisciplinary research and training on environmental health problems in Environmental Health Sciences Centers (EHS Centers) and Marine and Freshwater Biomedical Centers Sciences (MFBS Centers). Overall, these centers serve as national focal points and resources for research and manpower development in health problems related to: (1) pollutants and chemicals of environmental concern present in the air, water, and food; (2) occupational and industrial neighborhood health and safety; (3) heavy metal toxicity; (4) agricultural chemical hazards; (5) the relationships of the environment to cancer, birth defects, behavioral anomalies, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of other specific organs; (6) basic aspects of toxicity mechanisms, body defense mechanisms, and the influence of age, nutrition, and other factors in chemically-induced injury and disease; and (7) Developmental Center Grants, which have been established to provide initial support for institutions wishing to develop multi-disciplinary core centers focused on environmentally related health problems of economically disadvantaged and/or underserved populations. The research training program serves as a national focus point designed to increase the pool of trained research manpower in the Environmental Health Sciences through support of Individual and Institutional National Research Service Awards (NRSAs).