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Department of Health & Human Services

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HHS Awards Overview

In FY 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services administered more grant dollars than all other federal agencies combined. HHS awards formula/block, entitlement, discretionary grant awards and cooperative agreements. HHS awarded approximately $494 billion in grants for FY 2017. This included $53 billion in discretionary awards and $441 billion in formula/block and entitlement awards.

CMS, which administers the Medicare and Medicaid Programs, awarded 79% or $393 billion of the total HHS grants fund; however, these awards are less than 2% of the total number of grants awarded by HHS.

ACF had the second highest percentage of total HHS grant funds awarded at over 11%, or $53 billion. This represented about 8% of the total number of grants awarded. NIH, which awarded about 5%, or nearly $25 billion, of the total HHS grant funds, accounted for 71% of the total number of HHS grants.

Discretionary Grants

Discretionary grants are those that permit the Federal Government, according to specific authorizing legislation, to exercise judgment, or “discretion” in selecting the applicant/recipient organization, through a competitive grant process.

Discretionary grants commonly support activities such as demonstration, research, training, service, and construction projects or programs. Discretionary grants are sometimes referred to by the CFDA term “Project Grants.” The CFDA provides a full listing of all Federal programs available to State and local governments (including the District of Columbia); federally-recognized Indian tribal governments; Territories (and possessions) of the United States; domestic public, quasi-public, and private profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions; specialized groups; and individuals.

Awards by Location

The maps in this section show data for grants that HHS awarded in FY 2017. Darker colors indicate larger dollar amounts, according to the legend below. Hover over a country to view the award dollars and number of awards. For discretionary award data, click on the Discretionary Awards radio button below. To view award data by agency, click on an agency name in the dropdown box.

Awards By State: From the map of the United States, zoom down to an individual state. Award data will display in a tooltip and the World Table View button will change to State Table View. To view discretionary awards, click the Discretionary Awards radio button.

Awards By Congressional District can be found using the Discretionary Awards radio button. From the individual state level, zoom down to a congressional district. Award data will display in a tooltip and the State Table View button will change to Congressional District Table View.







Top Discretionary Award Recipients

The world map below shows the top discretionary award recipients by agency and location. Agencies are identified by colored dots in the legend. Hover over any dot to view award detail.

To view the Top U.S. or International award recipients, select from the following radio buttons:

Top 50 US - Displays the HHS Top 50 U.S. award recipients
Top 50 International - Displays the HHS Top 50 International award recipients
Top US by OPDIV - Displays the Top U.S. award recipients for each OPDIV
Top Int’l by OPDIV - Displays the Top International award recipients for each OPDIV

U.S. and Territories Awards: Zoom down to an individual state or territory on the map of the United States. Award data, including the recipient’s rank within the agency, will display in a tooltip.

Regional and International Awards: Click the Top International radio button. Awards issued in North America will display first; drag the screen to the left or right to view awards in other continents.

**Within this report, the recipient’s location is determined by their legal business address, which does not necessarily reflect the location where the performance occurred.





Top 5 Discretionary Grant Programs By Major Activity Type

Grant awards are classified by a 5-digit CFDA number and name. These CFDA awards are organized into major activity types: Research, Services, Training, and Other Activities.

The interactive bar charts below show the Top 5 CFDA awards for each major activity type. The blue bars indicate the award dollars; red bars indicate the number of awards. Hover over a CFDA Number to view the CFDA name.

** "Other" programs include construction projects; grants for the planning and development of health programs and health resources; evaluations; and health infrastructure awards.

Discretionary Award Types By Award Dollars

Based on the HHS mission, grant program descriptions, and the CFDA guidelines, the TAGGS system uses activity types to characterize the nature of the grant being funded. For the purpose of this report the activity types have been grouped into four major types (Research, Services, Training, and Other). HHS agencies self-select the activity type for awards based on the primary purpose of the grant.

Award History

The Total Award Amounts and Award Number chart below shows the total number of awards and award dollars that HHS issued during the last 5 fiscal years. The blue bars represent the number of awards issued; the gold bars represent total dollars awarded. Data for the current fiscal year, at the far right of the chart, are depicted in brighter colors.

Hover over any bar to see a tool tip that displays award information. In the legend, click on Number of Awards to see only the green bars displayed in the chart, or click on Total Award Amount to see only the blue bars. To view award history for one or more agencies, select from the drop down box. Award history charts will display beneath each other in the order selected.

* Zero dollar awards, excluded in previous reports, have been included in this report which resulted in an increase of the total number of awards issued between FY 2016 and FY 2017. As HHS begins exploring different methodologies surrounding reporting award data, the total number of awards and award dollars issued might increase or decrease in future reports based on the methodology chosen.

HHS International Awards

HHS agencies have a long history of granting awards to international recipients, in support of a variety of healthcare and humanitarian efforts. These include genetic and immunological research, disease prevention, human development, and bolstering public health.

The pie charts below contrast agencies that spent the largest amount of FY 2017 international grant funds against those agencies awarding the largest number of FY 2017 international grant awards. Hover over each section of the chart to view the percentage of dollars that the selected agency’s grants comprised of all HHS agency grant dollars.

HHS Multi-Agency Recipients

The chart displays award data for recipients that received grants from 9 or more HHS agencies in FY 2017. The chart shows by recipient, total dollars spent by agency, and the percent change in spending from the previous fiscal year.

The colors represent percent changes in spending: light to dark blues indicate increases; while light to dark reds indicate decreases. The box sizes are determined by total dollars spent: large boxes represent high dollars awarded by an agency; while the smaller boxes represent those who awarded lower amounts.

Hover over any box for details, and click to drill down and view one recipient at a time.