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To ensure effective, up-to-date healthcare coverage and to promote quality care for beneficiaries.

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CMS covers 100 million people through Medicare, Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Health Insurance Marketplace. But coverage isn't our only goal. To achieve a high quality health care system, we also aim for better care at lower costs and improved health.

Medicare, the nation’s largest health insurance program, is a direct payment program and its funding levels are not included in the CMS grant totals. Grant programs which support the administration of some Medicare services are included in CMS totals. Examples of key CMS grant programs include the Medicare State Survey and Certification Group; CMS Research, Demonstrations and Evaluations; Medicare Hospital Insurance; and Medicare Supplementary Medical Insurance.

Medicaid provides healthcare to millions of low-income families with children, elderly, blind or disabled persons. It is the Department’s largest grant program in terms of funding levels. The CHIP allows states to initiate and/or expand health insurance to uninsured, low-income children.

In addition to these programs CMS administers a number of quality-focused activities that benefit all Americans. CMS program objectives include:

  • Building and Maintaining a Skilled, Committed, and Highly Motivated Workforce
  • Accurate and Predictable Payments
  • High-Value Health Care
  • Confident, Informed Consumers
  • Collaborative Partnerships

CMS Award History

The Total Award Amounts and Award Number chart shows the number of awards in thousands and the amount of award dollars in billions that CMS granted during the current and previous 5 fiscal years. The number of awards is shown in the blue bars. The award dollars are represented as gold bars. Data for the current fiscal year, at the far right of the chart, are depicted in brighter colors.

Hover over any bar to see a tool tip that shows award or dollar data.

In the legend, click on Number of Awards to see only the gold bars display in the chart. Click on Total Award Amount to see only the blue bars.

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CMS Total Awards

The interactive pie charts compare CMS total award dollars in billions, and CMS total number of awards in thousands, with the award dollars and number of awards of all other granting HHS agencies. Mouse over any pie segment to see the percentage that segment represents.

The charts' segments can be rearranged. Click on and hold a segment and move the mouse in a circular motion.

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Awards by U.S. Location

The map below shows CMS's total or discretionary total awards and award dollars granted by state for FY 2014, including U.S. Territories. for FY 2014, including U.S. Territories. Mouse over a location to view award data. Hide or restore a location within a range of dollars by clicking on the colored boxes in the legend.

United States Territories: American Samoa (AS), Federal States Micronesia (FM), Guam (GU), Northern Mariana Islands (MH), Puerto Rico (PR), Republic of the Marshall Islands (MP), Republic of Palau (PW), Virgin Islands (VI).

Top 20 Discretionary Award Recipients

The map below uses a range of blue circles to show the top 20 national recipients of CMS discretionary awards ranked by dollar amount. Larger, darker circles indicate higher rank and amount (see legend). States without a circle did not have a recipient in the top 20. Mouse over a colored circle to view recipient and award data.

United States Territories: American Samoa (AS), Federal States Micronesia (FM), Guam (GU), Northern Mariana Islands (MH), Puerto Rico (PR), Republic of the Marshall Islands (MP), Republic of Palau (PW), Virgin Islands (VI).

Treemap - Non-discretionary Grant Program Awards

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