This amount totals funding for HHS COVID-19 awards of emergency supplemental appropriations and attested to payments. Further details about these awards and attested to payments are accessible below.

COVID-19 Awards

HHS COVID-19 Awards

HHS COVID-19 awards of emergency supplemental appropriation funding by laws passed through Congress (also referred to as phases).

    • Phase 1 (CV)
    • $1.9B
    • Phase 2 (C2)
    • $306.8M
    • Phase 3 (C3)
    • $12.6B
    • Phase 3.5 (C4)
    • $11.7B
    • Phase 4 (C5)
    • $32.9B
Top 5 States by Award Amount
    • California
    • $6.2B
    • Texas
    • $4.7B
    • New York
    • $4.3B
    • Florida
    • $3.2B
    • Illinois
    • $2.2B

Provider Relief Fund

HHS Provider Relief Fund

The CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act provided $175 billion in relief funds, including to hospitals and other healthcare providers on the front lines of the coronavirus response.

This dataset represents the list of providers that received a payment from the General Distribution, High Impact Targeted Allocation, Rural Targeted Allocation and/or the Skilled Nursing Facility Targeted Allocation of the Provider Relief Fund and who have attested to receiving one or more payments and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

Top 5 States by Attested Payments
    • New York
    • $12.3B
    • California
    • $8.9B
    • Texas
    • $7.4B
    • Illinois
    • $5.4B
    • Pennsylvania
    • $5.2B

RHC Testing Fund

HHS RHC Testing Fund

The Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act provided $225 million to Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) for COVID-19 testing. Rural Health Clinics are a special designation given to health care practices in underserved rural areas by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that help ensure access to care for rural residents. HRSA funded RHC organizations based on the number of certified clinic sites they operate, providing nearly $50,000 per clinic site.

Top 5 States By Attested Payments
    • Missouri
    • $15.1M
    • Texas
    • $14.7M
    • Illinois
    • $14.2M
    • Kentucky
    • $13.1M
    • California
    • $12M

Uninsured Relief Fund

HHS Uninsured Relief Fund

The COVID-19 Claims Reimbursement to Health Care Providers and Facilities for Testing and Treatment of the Uninsured Program provides reimbursements on a rolling basis directly to eligible health care entities for claims that are attributed to the testing and/or treatment of COVID-19 for uninsured individuals.

    • Testing
    • $2.2B
    • Treatment
    • $2B
Top 5 States by Claims Paid
    • Texas
    • $879.3M
    • California
    • $527.6M
    • North Carolina
    • $357.6M
    • Florida
    • $292.9M
    • New Jersey
    • $256.1M