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HHS Grants By Recipient Class

This report shows the number of formula/block & entitlement and discretionary grants and their associated dollar values organized by the recipient class.

Formula/block & entitlement and discretionary grants are included in these reports. Formula/block & entitlement programs such as Medicaid can have a large impact on the funding levels, such that a comparatively small number of awards can account for a large number of grant dollars.

Formula/block & entitlement grants are classifed as Block, Closed-Ended Entitlements, and Open-Ended Entitlements. Discretionary grants include Cooperative Agreements.

HHS has recognized 16 recipient classes:

  • City Government
  • County Government
  • Federal Government
  • Foreign Non-Profit Organization
  • Foreign Profit Organization
  • Individual
  • International (U.S. and Foreign or two or more Foreign Organizations)
  • Interstate Government Affiliated Organizations
  • Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations
  • Non-Profit Public Non-Government Organizations
  • Other (Towns, Villages, American Indian Tribes)
  • Private Profit (large business) Organizations
  • Private Profit (small business) Organizations
  • Special Unit of Government
  • Sponsored Organizations
  • State Government

Note: Awards granted to multiple recipients of differing recipient classes are counted in each class. This may result in a higher overall award count for a fiscal year, when compared to other counting methods.

To view data from a fiscal year, select one Fiscal Year from the dropdown box. Next, click the Submit button.

Recipient Class Number of Awards By Recipient Dollars
City Government  650  $1,385,289,696 
County Government  725  $1,629,190,420 
Federal Government  62  $516,197,072 
Foreign Non-Profit Organization  501  $536,015,495 
Foreign Profit Organization  158  $68,812,937 
Individual  $282,564 
International ( U.S. & Foreign OR Two/More Foreign Organizations )  81  $191,292,240 
Interstate Government Affiliated Organizations  $27,586,114 
Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations  22,768  $13,937,894,515 
Non-Profit Public Non-Government Organizations  2,023  $3,749,599,334 
Other (Towns, Villages, American Indian Tribes)  2,913  $2,501,531,010 
Private Profit ( Large Business ) Organizations  200  $147,997,118 
Private Profit ( Small Business ) Organizations  2,733  $1,238,636,028 
Special Unit of Government  37  $48,980,303 
Sponsored Organizations  47  $124,029,956 
State Government  25,959  $348,780,674,265 
Total 58,863  $374,884,009,067 logo logo white house logo logo USA spending logo logo
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