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HHS Recovery Act Recipient Reporting Readiness Tool - Data Quality

Questions about the Data

Data on the HHS Recovery Act Recipient Reporting Readiness Tool are generated from the HHS Tracking Accountability in Government Grants (TAGGS) system. Questions on the content or quality of your data should be discussed with your grants management specialist or appropriate Agency point of contact. For a list of Agency designated Recovery Act points of contact please visit Contacts. We strongly encourage you to contact your grants management specialist to address any concerns you may have. Changes to data posted on the tool will only be made through our Agency grants management systems.

Data Quality Limitations

There are limitations to data quality posted to the site. These limitations include:

  1. Timeliness of the data in this system is dependent on the HHS Agency data transmissions to the TAGGS database. While these submissions are processed on a regular basis, awards issued near the end of the reporting period may not be available for 72 hours.
  2. Data are refreshed from the TAGGS database every 24 hours.
  3. Data your Agency made available at the time of application submission or award may have changed over time, and may not be reflected in the system data.
  4. Discrepancies in DUNS numbers that may result from multiple DUNS assigned to unique organizations, or Dun and Bradstreet’s (D&B) direct assignment of DUNS to users of Federal


It is possible that your organization may have more than one DUNS. DUNS are required for registering and applying on for Federal grants and are required by OMB to receive an award. DUNS are also required to register on Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) is responsible for the administration of DUNS and is the government’s authoritative source for all DUNS numbers. If you review your award data on the tool and are unable to locate DUNS data for your organization, or are uncertain which DUNS you should use for reporting on, please contact D&B and consult your grants management specialist.

HHS is not responsible for the administration or validation of DUNS or for any discrepancies that may result from multiple DUNS assigned to unique organizations. Data available on the tool have been validated against Agency and D&B systems to date.

TAGGS Data Updates
OPDIV Latest Submission Date
ACF 12/31/2013
AHRQ 09/03/2013
AOA 12/31/2013
CDC 09/03/2013
CMS 09/06/2013
CMS MEDICAID 12/31/2013
FDA 09/03/2013
HRSA 09/03/2013
IHS 09/03/2013
NIH 09/03/2013
OPHS 09/03/2013
SAMHSA 09/03/2013

Data Refreshing

The TAGGS database is refreshed early in the morning every day, but the Agencies do not provide new data on a daily basis. When new data has been added to TAGGS, the HHS Recovery Act Recipient Reporting Readiness Tool will retrieve new data where available. However, it is possible to receive no new data when repeating a search after the TAGGS daily refresh if no new data for that recipient had been supplied.

The table at right shows the most recent date on which each OPDIV submitted data to TAGGS. That data is loaded into the Recipient Reporting Readiness Tool on the day after the submission date shown in the table. Thus for best results, users should search for data with this tool one day after the respective OPDIV has updated TAGGS. and Recovery Act data

Data from TAGGS (and posted on the readiness tool) are submitted and posted to on a semi-monthly basis and uploaded on by OMB. Timing of data submission and uploading to these systems as well as Agency and OMB reconciliation of Recovery Act reporting may impact the consistency of award amounts, primary location of performance data, DUNS, and other data elements available for viewing on these different sites. HHS is actively working with OMB and Agencies to improve the accuracy and quality of Recovery Act data posted to public websites to reflect accurate and succinct reporting. For questions on data submitted to please contact the TAGGS support team at Readiness Tool Help or your Agency point of contact.