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HHS Recovery Act Recipient Reporting Readiness Tool

Step 3. Select A Grant Award

Review the list of awards and select the Award Title link to see the required reporting data.


List of Awards for:
MIDDLETON, WI 53562-3500
DUNS Number Award NumberAward Title Agency Fiscal YearIssue DateFunding Amount
158610712 3R01EY014105-05S1 VISION SUBSTITUTION THROUGH THE TONGUE NIH 2009 08-28-2009 $ 139,183

To continue, click on the Award Title in the list above to obtain detailed data about a specific Award.

The Award Detail screen should display with the data for that award that is available for reporting to


The data contained in the HHS Recipient Readiness Tool reflects the best available data for HHS grant programs that are subject to Recovery Act Recipient Reporting. Please note that according to OMB supplemental guidance recipients are not required to report on awards less than $25,000 on For a list of programs that must be reported to please visit Appendix 1 of the June 22nd OMB guidance. For additional questions or concerns on reporting requirements for your award please contact your grants management specialist.

Data are refreshed every 24 hours. Awards issued near the end of the reporting period may not be available for 72 hours pending the timeliness of HHS Agency data transmission. If you are unable to locate your data please contact your grants management specialist.